Promoting Innovation: What Can be Learned From The Israeli Case

Monday, October 21, 2013
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Room 121
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Law-Int'l + Homepage
Amir Sagron

Please join the discussion with Prof. Shlomit Yanisky-ravid about 'Promoting Innovation - What Can be Learned from the Israeli Case'


Innovation is one of the most important factors in the  promotion of economic growth.  Concerns about the steady  erosion of the United States’ innovation level led President  Barack Obama to identify improved innovation as a top priority issue during his presidency.  The discussion will address different paths of improving innovation level, which can be learned from Israel,  the world's leading "Start-Ups Nation", which boasts impressive figures on patents per capita and in which venture capital investment per person is estimated to be the world's leading rate  The presentation will also discuss a new study by Prof. Yanisky-Ravid, assessing desirable policy for improving innovation rates by allocating rights inventions developed by employed inventors. This policy was adopted by leading entities in filing International patents (PCT).


Lunch will be served

15 Copies of the Book "The Start-Ups Nation" will be given to the first participants 
The Series "law & society in i-l: Contemporary Issues"


Professor Yanisky-Ravid, an eminent Israeli Professor of Law and Yale Law School ISP  fellow,  is a Senior Faculty Member at the ONO Academic Law School (OAC) Israel (the biggest law school in Israel), where she teaches IP and Employment. She is the founder and the head of the Shalom Comparative Research Center, OAC, which is active in Switzerland, Israel, and the U.S.. Her scholarship focuses on the theoretical and comparative aspects of Intellectual Property, Employment and Anti-discrimination Law. Prof. Yanisky-Ravid has published articles and book chapters on these subjects, and her latest book: "Intellectual Property at the Workplace: Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives" was published in Israel just last week. She lectures in many important academic and international institutes. including Columbia University, Harvard Law, Berkman Center, Fordham Law School, WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization and the ILO- International Labor Organization. Professor Yanisky-Ravid has also been deeply involved with policy making in Israel and has received awards for her groundbreaking research.

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